This Adaptive Beach and Recreation Center will be a dream come true for so many people.

In partnership with the City of Miami Beach, the Sabrina Cohen Foundation (SCF)  is creating a first of its kind, state-of-the-art recreation and wellness facility alongside a fully accessible beach. This Center will combine physical fitness that advances human ability through the latest in robotics and technology with daily activities that promote mental and spiritual wellness, in a safe and all-inclusive environment. Kobi Karp Architects have artfully designed the center for the site with two stories of program and fitness space, a rooftop deck and an understory with storage space for adaptive beach equipment.

The development of the Adaptive Recreation Center on Miami Beach will be the first oceanfront facility on the east coast catering exclusively to individuals with mobility challenges – from children to adults to seniors. Veterans, children with special needs, people with temporary injuries and our aging population. This will be a place that they can not only access critical exercise and recreation but also special family time on the beach or at the pool with people they love. This center will give so many people the ability to indulge in a uniquely empowering experience, combining indoor and beachside physical fitness with recreational activities that promote mental and spiritual wellness in one central, safe and comfortable location.

Fully Accessible Amenities

Operated by a team of qualified staff and volunteers, the Adaptive Recreation Center will be open daily and year-round to South Florida residents and Tourists from all over the world. Our Center will feature a state-of-the-art fitness and technology space, alongside a fully accessible beach, offering daily, monthly and annual membership passes.

State-of-the-art fitness area

The Adaptive Recreation Center will feature a state-of-the-art fitness and therapy space, operated by trained staff, the first of its kind in South Florida. Alongside a fully accessible beach, this fitness area will combine physical fitness that advances human ability through the latest in robotics and technology with recreational activities that promote mental and spiritual wellness. This center will also be an invaluable asset for research in the field of rehabilitation medicine


  • Wearable Robotics, Exoskeletons
  • Dynamic over-ground walking systems & Locomotor Training
  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)
  • Intuitive Neuroprosthesis Devices
  • Emerging technologies and the use of smart devices
  • Electrical stimulation-assisted cycling and dynamic tilt tables
  • Highly trained and specialized staff and personal trainers

An accessible beach

This will be the first facility of it’s kind with beach access in the North Eastern US. Disabled people will have full access to the ocean like never before available. An entire area will be set up with beach mats to allow wheelchair movement as well as specialized wheelchairs and other equipment. Trained staff and volunteers will assist beach goers with transfers between equipment and support while accessing and enjoying the sand and water.


  • Specialized beach wheelchairs, mats, and other equipment
  • Adaptive Surfing
  • Aqua/Ocean Therapy
  • Shoreline Floatation
  • Lounging Beachside
  • Snorkeling / Scuba Certifications
  • Trained lifeguards and professionals

Mind-Body-Soul Programs

The center will feature a diverse menu of indoor/outdoor programs and amenities for members at a single convenient location, including full access to the beach and the ocean, as well as an array of modified fitness programs with trained professionals.


  • Accessible Gym / Fitness Classes
  • Chair/Adaptive Yoga / Meditation
  • Art & Music Therapy
  • Meditation
  • Nutritional Seminars
  • Adaptive Snorkeling Scuba Diving
  • Support Group Meetings
  • Senior/VA Activities

Convenient Location

Through a continuing partnership with the Sabrina Cohen Foundation, the City of Miami Beach has secured a multi-million dollar plot of oceanfront land located at 5301 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach to build the approximately 16,000 sq ft, 3 story center. Centrally located, the center will offer easy access to highways and other access routes, it will also be conveniently located near to the hotels and tourist attractions of Miami Beach.

With the development of the Adaptive Recreation Center, the Sabrina Cohen Foundation will continue to defy odds, push limits and inspire others to reach their full potential.

Sabrina Cohen Foundation

Building on the success of Adaptive Beach Days and Sabrina’s Playground

In 2016, the Sabrina Cohen Foundation launched “Adaptive Beach Days,” a twice-monthly, pop-up program that provides full access into the ocean like never before available, staging an entire area of the beach with access decks over the sand, utilizing beach wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment. While reinforcing the overwhelming demand for these activities, one beach day every two weeks is not enough. Much more is needed to meet the needs of the disabled in our community. Having successfully served over 6,500 participants, family members and friends to date, the proof of concept has led to an agreement to develop a permanent Center. SCF’s overall mission will expand to include management and operations of the Center on a full-time, day-to-day basis.

In addition to creating beach access for all, in October 2017, the City of Miami Beach  proudly opened the gates to its first fully accessible playground in partnership with Sabrina Cohen Foundation. Built with residents and visitors with disabilities in mind, the city constructed the public space with a design to enable children of all abilities to play together. In honor of Cohen’s dedication to ensure people with disabilities enjoy life to their fullest capability, the city commission named the playground: Sabrina’s Playground.

Sabrina Cohen turned tragedy into triumph by starting a foundation that is making it possible for people with disabilities to enjoy the beach,

The Sabrina Cohen Foundation

The Sabrina Cohen Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing adaptive fitness and recreational programs that offer a better quality of life to individuals living with disabilities and other lifestyle challenges.

The Foundation was created in 2006 by Miami Beach native Sabrina Cohen, who survived a severe spinal cord injury from a car accident in 1992. She has been using a wheelchair ever since and has used her voice over the years to educate others about paralysis.

She has appeared on CNN, the Today Show, and in Ocean Drive Magazine. She has been recognized many times for her outstanding efforts on behalf of the community and government. Sabrina is a national winner of Self Magazine’s “Women Doing Good” competition; a WebMD American Health Hero, and winner of the “Overcoming Diversity” category in the America Inspired National Competition.