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An international legacy that began with a flush

June 21, 2024
Brand Design
An international legacy that began with a flush

In the sprawling world of food service disposables and janitorial supplies, our journey with a Miami-based distributor was not just a roll of the dice but a strategic move that left everyone on a roll. When we first joined forces, the company was already a heavyweight, supplying everything from foodservice packaging to sanitary supplies across the US and the Caribbean. However, being our mischievous consultants, we couldn't resist the temptation to sprinkle a bit of humor into the equation.

Enter Victoria Bay, our brainchild private label brand that began with a bang – or should we say, with a flush. The inaugural product? None other than toilet paper. And, in a quirky twist of fate, our client swiftly sent us a request to brand their first yacht-themed item, aptly named "On a Roll." Fast forward a few months, and Victoria Bay has become the undisputed star, popping up everywhere – and we do mean everywhere. Today, this once singular toilet paper venture has evolved into a comprehensive private label covering hundreds of items, from the humble TP to industrial cleaning supplies. We take pride in unleashing a torrent of laughter and steering our client's ship into uncharted waters, leading to their recent acquisition and an expansion that spans all their services and products. Talk about a company that's truly "on a roll" – pun intended!

Distributor of food service disposables and janitorial supplies based in Miami, Florida. The company supplies food service packaging and sanitary supplies to restaurants, supermarkets, cruise lines, hotels and motels, schools, convention centers, stadiums, and other food service establishments.

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