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Just because you can find our data doesn’t mean you should use it

July 9, 2024
Brand Strategy
Design Thinking
Just because you can find our data doesn’t mean you should use it

In the age of digital information, it’s easier than ever to find someone’s email address or contact details. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Every month, many people receive about 1,000 of emails from individuals who think they’ve cracked the code to effective communication. They haven’t. Instead, these emails flood inboxes with catchy headlines, references to a single line from a website, or messages pretending there's a prior acquaintance. Sometimes, fake follow-up emails are sent even when the first one was never received.

Here’s a reality check: these emails are often marked as junk immediately and never read beyond the first line. Why? Because they lack authenticity and respect for the recipient's time.

If you want to connect with someone—or anyone else, for that matter—try a different approach. Here are some tips:

1. Genuine Connections: Build real relationships instead of relying on data searches. It’s about quality, not quantity.

2. Compelling Content: Spend time developing interesting and valuable content. If your message is compelling, it might actually be read and followed up on.

3. Respect Boundaries: Don’t look at profiles, search for emails, and pretend to be friends. Authenticity matters.

By changing tactics and focusing on genuine engagement, not only will privacy be respected, but the effectiveness of communications will also increase. Thank you in advance for making this shift. Let’s build meaningful connections, not just databases.

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