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This may hurt… Your brand isn't yours

June 21, 2024
Brand Strategy
This may hurt… Your brand isn't yours

Let's dive into a truth bomb: Your brand? Yeah, it's not really yours.It's theirs.

The Great Brand Ownership Illusion

As seasoned brand strategists, we've seen a lot. From social media booms to brand busts. One thing’s clear—your brand lives in your customers' minds. You might have the logo, the color scheme, and the followers, but the essence of your brand? That's owned by every person who interacts with it.

Touchpoints: The Art of Storytelling

Every touchpoint tells your brand's story. Think of it as a never-ending novel where each interaction adds a new chapter. From your website's design or user experience to your social media tone, and your customer service warmth, each element contributes. And trust us, your customers notice everything. One bad impression can decimate all your brand wins.

Visuals: The First Impression

Visuals are the first word in the conversation. Imagine walking into a party; the ambiance is the first thing you notice. Similarly, your brand's first impression is shaped by its visuals. Your brand identity, website, and packaging are the front porch of your brand house. Make them inviting, cohesive, and reflective of your personality. A misaligned visual strategy is like wearing a fur coat to a PETA party—a real party pooper.

Verbiage: The Voice That Speaks Volumes

Your brand's voice is like the conversation at the party. Is it friendly? Witty? Whatever it is, keep it consistent, authentic, and aligned with your strategy. From social media captions to customer service emails, your voice should resonate.Remember, inconsistency is like having a different accent every time you speak—confusing and off-putting.

Customer Service: The Human Touch

Customer service is the heart-to-heart chat at the party. It’s where real connections happen. Great service can turn a casual acquaintance into a lifelong friend, while one bad experience can spread like wildfire. Train your team to be empathetic, responsive, and solution-oriented. Every interaction reinforces your brand's story.

Reputation: TheWhisper in the Crowd

Your reputation is what people say about you when you're not in the room. Built over time through positive interactions, it's crucial in the age of online reviews. Encourage happy customers to share their experiences and address negative feedback promptly. Make your customers the heroes of your story.

Strategic Storytelling: Aligning with Your Vision

Here's where the rubber meets the road—strategic storytelling. It's not just about telling any “good” story; it's about telling the right good story. This requires a deep understanding of your brand's core positioning, values and reason for being. That understanding must be actual, and relative to your audience, not fabricated to look good or fill a line on a business plan. Every content piece, interaction, and product launch should align with this strategy and adapt as it evolves. Think of it as a symphony where every instrument plays in harmony, creating a beautiful melody.

Authenticity: The Secret Sauce

In a noisy world, authenticity is your superpower. Be genuine, transparent, and true to your values. Customers can spot a fake from a mile away. Authentic brands build trust, and trust leads to loyalty. And let's face it, loyal customers are your best brand ambassadors.

Aligned Creativity: The Balance of Art and Strategy

It's crucial that your marketing or branding team really understands and stays aligned with your core positioning and business goals. While creativity is essential, it must serve a strategic purpose. Avoid the spiral of indulgent or superficial creativity that may be beautiful or trendy but strays from your brand’s authentic story and your connection to your customers.

The Big Picture: Crafting Experiences

Branding is about creating experiences. Make your customers feel something every time they interact with your brand. Delight them, surprise them, and be there for them.Remember, every touchpoint is a brushstroke on your brand’s canvas. Make each one count.

So, next time you think about your brand, remember—it’s not just yours. It's a shared journey with your customers. Embrace every opportunity to connect, engage, and inspire.Happy storytelling…cheers to building unforgettable brands!


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